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How to – Screen Mirroring

Posted on Aug 5

If you have a Smart TV, Apple TV or Chrome Cast device, you can mirror your home workouts from your phone or laptop to your TV. Phones and TV’s will vary so you may have to look up your specific device online for full instructions but let’s see if we can get you started! Some of the names for this technology may include Miracast, Wireless Display, Screen Casting, Screen Sharing, Share and Connect, Quick Connect, All Share Cast, Smart Share, Smart View. This is helpful to know when you’re looking for it on your device! 

Apple users – Select the workout you want to do then tap the AirPlay icon on your Apple phone or laptop, choose the device you want to mirror to and you're done!  

Android users – Select the workout you want to do then open your device settings, choose Display and you should see Cast, Screen Share, Smart View etc..depending on the device you are using. Some devices have direct access to this by swiping down on the screen. 

Now you can enjoy watching all your favourite instructors in wonderful full screen from Your Space at Home!