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Top Tips to help you reduce your snacking!

Posted on Sep 16

Top Tips to help you reduce your snacking!

We all do it! And it’s mostly down to boredom or habit, not hunger. Whether it’s reaching for the biscuits with your cup of tea during the ad break of your favourite TV programme or crunching crisps on car journeys, there are ways you can help to curb your mindless snack habits.

  1. Brush your teeth! No one likes the taste of even their favourite snack when it’s tainted with spearmint!
  2. Ladies, paint your nails! You won’t want to ruin them while they’re drying!
  3. Have something to drink instead! Make sure its non alcoholic and sugar free!
  4. Play with an app on your phone! You’ll soon forget about that snack you wanted!
  5. Don’t keep snacks in the house! Simple!
  6. Count the calories! This will probably be enough to shock you in to not eating it!
  7. Chew some sugar free gum! Keep your mouth distracted from munching snacks!
  8. Form new habits! If your snacking is purely a habit..grabbing a pastry on your way to work, take a different route!
  9. Pre make some healthy snacks for those times when you just can't help yourself!
  10. If you snack on an evening, set yourself a curfew and don’t eat after that time!