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What exactly is ‘mobility’?

Posted on Sep 23

What exactly is ‘mobility’?

“Mobility – the ability to move or be moved freely and easily”

In fitness terms mobility simply means gaining the full range of movement around a joint. It’s not about being flexible, which is the muscles moving through an unrestricted pain free range. The two are very different.

If your joints are 'stiff’ it may be down to a number of reasons – you have had or have an injury or impingement relating to the joint, the muscles around the joint are tight or inflexible, you don’t regularly take the joint through its full range of movement....

So why is joint mobility so important? It creates a structural balance within the body and prevents injury through strength. If one or more joints are immobile it puts enormous pressure on the rest of your body to compensate for this weakness. This is where we can become injured over time.

How do we become more mobile? By taking our bodies through that full range of motion! Find out what muscles are inhibiting your range and work on releasing them so the joint can be unlocked and begin to work to its full potential. If there is an underlying injury, focus on physio based exercises to help it strengthen and recover.

Every one of us will be different and we all have muscular discrepancies that can inhibit our range of motion at the joint but we can fix ourselves if we know how!

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