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Why should I lift weights?

Posted on Sep 21

Why should I lift weights?

If you just do cardio then you are missing out on a whole host of benefits that weight training can bring! The common misconception, especially amongst women, is that weight training will make them bulky and manly looking! This couldn’t be further from the’s why YOU should be incorporating weight training in to your weekly routine –

  1. It keeps your bones strong and healthy – each year as we age our bone density decreases, risking the onset of osteoporosis. Weight training creates force which strengthens the bones as they adapt to these forces.
  2. It boosts your metabolism – The more muscle mass you carry, the more calories you’ll burn. Muscle is an active tissue that burns energy and keeps those calories burning for hours after you have finished training!
  3. It makes you physically stronger – These strength gains can help you in all aspects of normal life and compliment your other training....stronger legs means you can run for longer! So weights can even benefit all you cardio addicts!
  4. It can boost your confidence – As we build muscle we see a change in our body shape and feel better mentally. Hitting a new PB in the gym and seeing these results can make us feel wonderful!
  5. It improves balance and posture – Activating your muscles through different planes of motion that you don’t get from your cardio workout can help to fix any muscular imbalances, improving posture and your general balance. This in turn also has its benefits as it can help prevent trips and falls!
  6. It helps stabilise blood sugar – This in turn will minimise your risk of type 2 diabetes and even help to turn your diabetes around by regulating your insulin.
  7. It sculpts your body – You will never get that perfect body shape you crave on cardio alone! It is muscle that gives our bodies shape so by hitting the weights we can firm up our arms and build our bums!
  8. You’ll be helping to prevent injury – By strengthening the muscles that support your joints your less likely to get injured...sore knees? Strengthen the supporting muscles! Bad back? Strengthen the muscles to correct your posture and support your trunk!
  9. You will gain better mobility – By working your joints through their full range of movement you will become more flexible as a result. Bonus!
  10. You will feel empowered! – Who doesn’t want to feel strong and amaze themselves by how much they can actually lift! You will lift things you probably never thought you could while following a weight training programme. And all the additional benefits that come with it – why wouldn’t you want to lift?!

If your not sure where to start then why not have a go at our Les Mills Body Pump classes? There’s lots to choose from in the videos section and we have you covered with 30 minute classes if you are new, 45 minute classes if your stepping it up a gear and 60 minute classes for the more advanced! Led by our fantastic Your Space at Home instructors they will teach you the correct techniques so you can really build your confidence with weights. Find your Body Pump class here -