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How to burn more calories just by walking

Posted on Oct 22

How to burn more calories just by walking

Walking is the low impact, easy way to lose weight and get fitter. You can fit it in to even the busiest of schedules and anyone can do, regardless of age or fitness level! 

Here are our top tips to get you burning more calories just by walking more!

Walk more through the day

Try and include short 20 minute walks each day, maybe on the school run or on your lunch break. If you need to travel less than a mile, why not walk instead of taking the car.


Take a walk!We’ve all had those days where we feel frustrated or stressed. Taking a short walk can help improve your mood and you’ll burn a few extra calories as a bonus!

Eat and go! 

Taking a walk after your meals will help to control your blood sugar, preventing cravings and boosting your metabolism.

Who needs a lift? 

Taking the stairs instead of the lift or escalator can add a few extra steps to your daily target and get that heart rate up a little bit! Every little counts!

Increase your intensity

Instead of a steady stroll around the local park, pick up the pace a bit and use your arms more. Getting your heart pumping and varying your walking speed can help burn up to 20% more calories than maintaining a steady pace.

Find somewhere hilly

Walking up hills will burn more calories and help build muscle in your lower body which will in turn increase your metabolism! Lean forward slightly and use your arms more. If there’s no hills or inclines near you then just hit your stairs a few times a week or increase the gradient on the treadmill at the gym.

Stand tall! 

Keeping a good posture when walking is really important to help prevent common walking related injuries. Relax your back and shoulders and focus your gaze on the horizon to keep good neck alignment. Allow your heel to touch the ground first to absorb impact when walking and minimise stress on the joints. Push off the ground with your toes.

Set a goal

How many steps will you aim for each day? If you set a goal you are much more likely to want to walk more to hit that goal! Aiming for 10,000 steps a day is a good place to start.

Make a playlist

Just like running, making an upbeat walking playlist can really help you to keep to a good pace. Varying the speed of songs will also help vary the speed through your walk without you even realising!

Cut out a snack

Go for a walk instead! The decrease in consumed calories and the increase of burned calories from walking can make a real impact on your weight and your health!

So what are you waiting for! How many steps can you do this week?!